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High Drive 


Champion German Lines


Exceptional Intelligence







Elka Vom Tannenhof Taking the Sleeve

Gentle with Children

Family Dogs-Michelle and Cayla with Rocky, Elka and Ellie

Excellent Temperment

Rocky Von Colera and Greta

Vince Colera, Von Colera Shepherds, Certified Trial Helper and Trainer. Member of GSDCA (German Shepherd Dog Club of America), SDSC (San Diego Schutzhund Club), USA (United Schutzhund Clubs of America), WDA (Working Dog Association). German Shepherd puppies registered with AKC (American Kennel Club).

Our Puppies are bred from the finest Champion German Shepherd lines including Arry Vom Passfeld, a V-Rated, 14 Time SchH3 Showdog and Asco Vom Siegelgrund, an SG-Rated, 3 Time SchH3 US National Champion.

We are located in Ramona, San Diego County, Southern California, USA.

Favorite Links

15000 Dog Names -If yo need help finding a name for your new puppy along with other helpful information, take a look at this site.

Early Spay/Neuter Considerations - I require all puppy buyers to wait until 2 years of age before spaying or neutering their dog in order to allow normal bone and skeletal growth. This study along with many others will help explain the reason for this.

Fear Imprint Periods in Puppies - Puppies go through 2 Fear Imprint Periods. The first takes place between the age of 8-10 weeks. The second occurs between 6-14 months. This article gives general tips on how to help your puppy get through these fear imprint periods.

Ratings for the Best Dog Food  - An unbiased rating of the best and worst dog and puppy foods.

German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Provides activities in the United States patterned after those available to the world-wide GSD community. Member clubs (such as The San Diego Schutzhund Club) host Schutzhund Trials, Conformation Shows and Breed Surveys.

World Dog Association - The WDA is an independent affiliate of the GSDCA.

San Diego Schutzhund Club - Our club has affiliation with the GSDCA-WDA. It is one of the oldest Schutzhund clubs in the Western United States. The club hosted the 1991 USA Sieger Show and the 2001 North American Sieger Show along with several regional events and over 45 local Trials Events and Shows.

German Shepherd Breed Standard - The acceptable look, measurements and temperament for your German Shepherd.

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